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<Bot> Introducing mDC v3.00 with Mainchat Colors and Fonts
<[mDC]Vakum> Hi, me be da developarr of mDC.
<[mDC]Vakum> This is kinda how the new mainchat looks like....
<[mDC]Vakum> An url like looks like this and popups a menu so you easy can copy the URL.
<[mDC]Vakum> This is a list of other new nice things:
   -Ability to select own fontstyles and colors mainchat
   -New Userlist GUI with Icons on users (Check Screenshots below)
   -Icons for Windows
   -New Transfer GUI, looks good!
<[mDC]Vakum> Yeah, read more in Version below for complete list.


Mobile DC released under GPL Protection. Author: Vakum