Added: New Mainchat GUI.
Added: Ability in Settings to design Mainchat with own color and font styles.
Added: Clickable URLs and Clickable nicknames (Usermenu Popups) in Mainchat.
Added: Search Spy.
Added: New Userlist GUI. Faster. Userinfo integrated.
Added: New Transferlist GUI. Progressbar and better overview.
Added: Iconpacks. "Default" and "oDC (white bg)" is included. Info on homepage on how to make your own.
Added: Command: /info to show total Download and Upload during current mDC session.

Fixed: Resuming files (since v2.01)
Fixed: Better visual update of transfer state.

Removed: The ability to choose to hide/show Top and Bottom status fields.
Removed: The ability to change fontsize in mainchat. (don't see any reasons to not have the smallest font)

Behaviour: Different LayoutManager for GUI.


Added: Ability to view more than one Filelist at the time...Hrrmm
Added: Recieved UserCommands is displayed as a Menu Tree-structure.
Added: "Quick Connect"-function as in DC++.
Added: /fav Adds current hub to favorites.
Added: "Favorite Hubs"-view, more DCPluPlus-isch. (But Njet, not multiple hubs support yet)
Added: Option to open "Favorite Hubs" at startup
Added: By drawing a / (new line) on the touchscreen, this act as send-button for text input.
Added: Option to beep on incoming message.
Added: Option to choose if OS should be allowed to close Mobile DC or not, when resources are low.
Added: Command /oldtag. Handy for stupid hubs with stupid scripts that only allow <++ tag...

Fixed: No extra spacechar after UserCommands anymore (since v2.02)

Removed: Useless developing-code I forgot to remove when releasing v2.03
Removed: Current favorite hub in tstatus (Removed the concept of current favorite)
Removed: "Small" MyINFO field (The option of using large MyINFO field is standard)

Behaviour: Connection to a Favorite hub is done from the "Favorite Hubs"-view.
Behaviour: WHOPS, Although the code is perfect, javac -O mDC.java do make the .jar 20kb smaller =)
Behaviour: Treestructure of filelists extracted to own class.
Behaviour: Doubbleclick folders required when browsing Filelists. (Fixes Scrollwheel problem)
Behaviour: Total/free slots is shown first in the Searchlist.

Info: This version fixes problem with unability to connect to an YnHub software.

Added: Enhanced Search GUI and support of all searchfunctions.
Added: Nick-menu from userlist is used in Search and Transferwindow as well.
Added: Made the "Force Attempt" to work properly

Fixed: Problem with NoHello support, should work now.
Fixed: Issue where mDC hangs when $Supports ends with space.
Fixed: Some copy/paste problems.

Behaviour: Changed handling of users myinfo. faster?
Behaviour: Optimized tokeninputstream, the way data is written from stream.
Behaviour: Window-handling, maybe less flickery GUI...

Added: Tailored Downloaddirs. Files is downloaded to D:\Media files\<type_of_media>\Recieved (For easy acces from Symbian Built-in Apps)
Added: Sorted filelist (an advanced option with default off)
Added: Browsing of Filelists (.xml.bz2/.DcLst) and ability to download files from it.
Added: Downloaded lists are automaticly opened.
Added: Transfers-Menu. Items: Close, Remove, Force attempt, PM user, Get user filelist.
Added: Protocol: Supports $NoGetINFO.
Added: Protocol: Supports $NoHello (Beta).
Added: When changing sharedir, filelist is built immediately.
Added: Dir.exists() check when specifying new Download/Upload directory.
Added: Status at startup displays what's loading.
Added: "Reconnect" in mDC menu while connected instead of "Connect".
Added: Ability to specify "Speed" in Settings.
Added: "Large MyINFO field"-option for userlist.

Fixed: Now, multiple P2P connections are theoreticaly and practically possible (since v2.00).
Fixed: Problem when trying to disconnect while still in "Connecting to "-mode (since v1.00).
Fixed: Creation of Filelist is faster (bad coding). (since v2.01).
Fixed: Zoom +/- issue, fontsizes available on the P800 are 9, 11, 13 and 15. (since v1.00).
Fixed: FavHub not visible in Settings after "Add as Favorite" in Public hubs. (since v2.01).
Fixed: Sharesize restored each startup.
Fixed: Couldn't Reconnect to Hubs Connected from Public Hublist.
Fixed: "Get filelist" now overwrites previously downloaded filelist from user.
Fixed: /myip displays external ip correctly. (from whatismyip.com)

Removed: Command: /timestamp on/off. Can be done from SettingsDialog.

Behaviour: Clipboard integrated to system clipboard (copy/paste).
Behaviour: Renamed Zoom +/- to Fontsize +/-.
Behaviour: Ability to change between active/passive mode while connected.
Behaviour: Downloaded filelists is deleted at exit.

Added: Supports File list (XmlBZList). Adds all files and subdirs in UploadDir to File list.
Added: Own Defined UserCommands in Settings, Supports %[nick] %[mynick] and %[line:reason].
Added: Popupdialog when asked for password.
Added: Nearly supports $UserCommands sent from hub.
Added: Now using a special .class for dialog input.
Added: Optimized and a more dynamic MsgBox.java (user wont notice).
Added: /Topic prints the hubname to mainchat.
Added: Total Share on Hub is shown when MyINFO Strings is Enabled in settings (beta)
Added: mDC Help. More Details.

Fixed: Some Errourness messages when disconnected (again).
Fixed: little-here-little-there.
Fixed: Errourness MyINFO Strings don't lead to mDC crash.
Fixed: Renamed menuitem "Refresh List" to "Get Nicklist".
Fixed: Some Ugly stuff in SearchManager.
Fixed: Stuff concerning P2P. Less bugs.

Removed: Command: /bstatus on/off. Can be done from SettingsDialog.
Removed: Command: /tstatus on/off. Can be done from SettingsDialog.

Behaviour: Userlistmenu has a new look.
Behaviour: The list of users is treated faster.
Behaviour: Major Re-organized code in SettingsDialoghandler. Different method for switching between windows.

Added: Introduced Active mode. (huh, yeah, the myinfo string has displayed M:A since v1.00, pardon me)
Added: P2P support. The era of plain chat-edition is gone :p
Added: Protocol: $ConnectToMe and $RevConnectToMe.
Added: Settingswindow now contains four windows; General, Networking, Appearance, Advanced.
Added: Options (on/off): Show Joins/Parts, Horisontal scrollbars, Send unknown /commands, Follow redirects, Popup new messages, ehm etc....
Added: Options (values): Max Search results, Rollback, Download Directory, Upload Directory, Upload slots.
Added: Options: Personalize your mDC and define three own colors, color1 is background, color2 is secondary-background, color3 is font color
Added: Items in view-meny: Public Hubs, Search, Transfers.
Added: Proper Public Hubs List view: "Connect to" and "Add as Favorite" can be done from the new GUI for this.
Added: Better gui for the search function. inputfield, choicelist for type (any, exe, video etc.), list for results, download button, getfilelist button.
Added: Commands: "/settimezone <zone>" and "/restoretimezone". (Default zone is ECT = GMT+1).
Added: mdclogo.gif as splashscreen!

Fixed: Caretposition of marker is placed correctly after text is pasted to the inputfield
Fixed: Problem with Yhub (?).
Fixed: Don't bother change window to one which is already active. (since v1.04)
Fixed: mDC failure when upgrading from older versions: mDC crashes first launch when conf.dat is changed (since v1.04)
Fixed: Bytes is now converted to a propriate value as KiB, MiB or GiB in a users Info-string, displayed in Userlist.
Fixed: mDC failure when receiving MyINFO strings with large shares (since v1.04)
Fixed: Timestamp could display wrong hour of day (since always). Now you can set your own Timezone.
Fixed: GUI should appear less flickery when changing windows due to rearranged code.
Fixed: When not having specified a password, but yet it is needed at login, mDC asks for it in the input field.

Removed: Unnecessary rows in conf.dat.
Removed: Ability to send raw protocol. This is unneccessary when all protocol related things are "supported".

Behaviour: After a window is closed, the one below is shown now. Before, Mainchat was shown by default.
Behaviour: Action/Item-listeners to objects is placed together in a nice way to reduce lame *$2.class files etc... (8 less such .classfiles)
Behaviour: Public hubs list is recieved and processed in a thread now. Hanged the whole program before.
Behaviour: Userlist got its own class to ease the load on Networker. Userlist-class process the nicklist and add/remove users from the list.
Behaviour: GeneralBufferedReader is gone, instead I use TokenInputStream. Should not have any effect.
Behaviour: Config file is now not only checking for lines which is missing, but also lines which has no meaning, and will remove them.
Behaviour: "Advanced userlist" has become two options, "Get nicklist at login" and "Get users MyINFO-string"

Added: Favorite Hubs in Settings. (Included a big change in conf.dat handling)
Added: Userlist-menu in userlist to perform action on users. (PM, Kick, Redir, CopyNick)
Added: Menuitem in Userlist-menu to Refresh userlist (Sending $GetNickList and rebuild list)
Added: Menuitem in Userlist-menu to Update userlist localy (Add/Remove users waiting to be added/removed)
Added: topstatus and bottomstatus info of hidden/shown is stored in conf.dat

Fixed: Corrected a bug where "*** Not connected" is displayed when advanced userlist is opened while connected (v1.03).
Fixed: When connection was refused by target machine, "*** Not Connected" was reported instead.
Fixed: Some unneccessary flicker when changing windows (v1.03)... f***n java gui.
Fixed: Renamed some sourcecode to make it understandable (neccessary to mention...not)
Fixed: You can now see users connectionspeed and Email in the userinfo in advanced userlist-mode

Removed: Regexped-based handling of windows, windowlist and illegal word check in settings - All regexp gone, package is now 140kb smaller.
Removed: Lots of unneccessary code =)

Behaviour: Renamed the menuitem "Options..." to "Settings..."
Behaviour: Renamed the send-button "Send" to ">". This is to widen the inputspace, windowchoice-width, and improve the GUI.
Behaviour: Improved the check of values in Settings (check for space, and illegal chars)
Behaviour: Userlist don't flicker due to removal and addition of users constantly. Add/Remove of users is only done when other windows is active or when selecting "Update list".
Behaviour: When not in advanced userlist-mode, Userlist should now be recieved by selecting "Refresh" in Userlist menu i.e. Not done automaticly.
Behaviour: Start-order of stuff when opening mDC. Also added a low-budget splashscreen.

Added: A fresh new proper interactive accuratly good way of handling the userlist :)
Added: Ability to choose between bandwidth/CPUsaving Userlist, or Advanced Userlist. (Read Help!)
Added: Kick-button in userlist (active button for OP only)
Added: Redirect-button in userlist (active button for OP only)
Added: Usercount, only fits in advanced userlist at the moment.

Fixed: v1.02 had problems showing the introduced H:x/x/x correctly when being an operator.
Fixed: Sets caretposition correctly after a string has been pasted into Notepad.
Fixed: Disconnection order which caused delayed disconnections.

Removed: Topstatus viewing "notepad - notepad.txt" when entering notepad...
Removed: sending $Quit when disconnecting ;)
Removed: input textfield when Userlist is active, i.e the old way of start a PM is removed as well.

Behaviour: Easily press "Send"-button to start a private message with selected user in userlist
Behaviour: notepad.txt is only created when file is missing. (Notes wont be lost when upgrading to a newer version of mDC after this version)
Behaviour: conf.dat is only created if file is missing or if it is damaged. (Settings wont be lost when upgrading to a newer version of mDC after this version)
Behaviour: Copied strings will be pasted into selected area in the text-input field rather than replacing all text.
Behaviour: Newline handling in chatwindows (a newline _after_ input in chat instead of before)

Fixed: New-line problems in "/me" mainchatrows (Removed some ugly Regexping)
Fixed: URL when sending "/mdc"
Fixed: lowercaseproblems when opening a new pm with a new user

Added: A new message can be opened in any window with: "/pm user [message]"
Added: Send $Quit nick when disconnecting...

Behaviour: Mainmessages don't neccessary have to commence with the <> pattern
Behaviour: Disconnects on $Validatedenide
Behaviour: Replaced "." with "," in $Version
Behaviour: H: in MyINFO String shows Hubcount in x/x/x mode
Behaviour: Don't close the Userlist window on disconnect